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Injuries in the upper or lower limbs are usually the result of traffic accidents, work accidents, and surgical excisions of tumors or other skin lesions. They may be cutaneous, vascular, nervous, tendon or even bone deficits. Plastic surgeons usually restore these damages either alone or with the help of orthopedic or vascular surgeons.

Delicate tissues, such as vessels, nerves, tendons or bones, must be covered with skin flaps so that they may not be destroyed. A perfect osteosynthesis of a severe fracture, the functional restoration of tendons or the revascularization of a limb would be rendered useless if they were not covered by perfused flaps. Consequently, plastic surgeons play a decisive and necessary role in these types of restorations. Treatments of such injuries without the participation of a plastic surgeon may potentially result in failed restorations, disabilities or major hassles for the patient, who may be faced with chronic ulcers and various disorders.

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