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Doctor Stratis Gavriil was born in 02/04/1960 in Polichnitos of Lesvos. He graduated the 2nd Mitilini High School in 1977, with the degree of 19.2. He is a graduate of the Medical School of Patras with the degree of “Very Good” in 1983.

He was a scholar, after exams, in the 6 years of the University, after the “Vostani” endowment.

Military, rural Medical Office, free lance of IKA general practice doctor, until April 1988.

He was specialized in General Surgery at the 1st IKA Hospital for two years and in Vascular Surgery for another year at the same hospital.

He collaborated with plastic surgeons of private practice until April 1992.

He was specialized in Plastic Surgery in the KAT Hospital, Athens, until May 1996. He was trained in microsurgery in the University of Ioannina and the lab of KAT microsurgery.

He has made 28 announcements in Plastic Surgery Conventions and microsurgery with personal incidents.

He has 8 publications in scientific magazines. His thesis in the Medical School of Athens was for the Hypodermal Mastectomy in March of 1995.

He is a graduate of the European Board of Plastic Surgery since November 1996, after written and oral exams in Hannover, Germany.

He worked in “Athens Medical Center” from September 1996.He worked in “Athens Euroclinic” from March 1999.

He was the accountable doctor for the cosmetical and Remedial Microsurgery Clinic of the “Athens Central Clinic” after November 2003 and later in the “Medical Athens Psychiko Clinic”.

He is a holder of the patent of a medical grid aid for the buttock and breast lifting.

He is the accountable Plastic Surgeon for the cosmetical rehabilitation of obese patients in the Obese Medical Centers.

From July 2007, head of Doctor’s Hospital plastic surgery department.