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Nowadays it seems to gain ground in “patient preferences” and physicians, methods, which on the one hand are quick to apply and if the other does not require long recovery periods. These methods can not replace surgical recovery methods, such as the Face lift (face lift), but act either in addition to these, either as a “precaution” in later ages. The two most commonly used such methods is the use of botulinum toxin (BTX, Vistabel, Dysport) and the use of materials which are “filled” wrinkles, known fillers.

Botulinum toxin

The muscles of the face and neck have the unique property of all muscles can result in the skin of the corresponding region. Their contraction causes movement of the skin and therefore grimacing and faces. They are responsible for facial expression and have a semi-automatic mode. The activity of each muscle causes perpendicular to the axis of wrinkles. They are the expression wrinkles. Horizontal forehead wrinkles (frontal muscle), vertical glabellar wrinkles (synofryotires) and wrinkles of the goose leg (clamp eyelid) are some examples. The paralysis of these muscles would eliminate wrinkles. 

The work was done botulinum toxin , which causes a temporary suspension of operation of a muscle , if injected with it . The activity of the toxin to normal levels is temporary blockage of the nerve endings on the muscle.

The use of the drug even though it is relatively recent for the wrinkle treatment ( the drug has the approval from both the Greek and from the American Drug Agency ) , used for decades in other medical applications , so its safety is proven . However local complications are rarely observed in implementing the synofryotira where the diffusion of the drug in the levator muscle causes thankfully short paresis .

Experience in the application of the drug is of great value for the harmonious balance success in the face. The most common and safest application is the forehead, glabellar and crow’s feet known . There are groups of muscles in the rest of the face from which you experienced operator selectively inject drug can have a surprising effect on the expression and facial appearance . Secure fit also in muscular plateaus , responsible for neck wrinkles .

The effect of the drug varies from person to person . As average duration might say eight months after the expiry of which must resume treatment to maintain the result.

Materials for ” fill ” wrinkles (Fillers)

The effect of gravity and cause the relaxation time of the face and the corresponding deep wrinkles. The cheilopareiakes grooves are the result of this mechanism. Improve these wrinkles can not achieve with paresis muscle, but we can alleviate them if the “fill” with some material. Wrinkles also around the mouth (the result of the oral sphincter action) may not be treated with botulinum toxin (paresis oral mean functional impairment). but they can be addressed by “filling” the limits of the rim while offering a very distinctive and attractive image of the mouth.

These substances are distinguished, depending on how long they stay in permanent and temporary. Permanent substances although in the past been used enough, today their use is not common due to the increased probability of granulomas creation. Typical representative of this class of liquid silicone that today its use is considered closed due to several complications arising from its use. intermediate class materials (hyaluronic acid and mixtures of microspheres of glass etc.) give a more prolonged effect, but gradually abandoned after years on reported incidents granulomas.

Preferably longer materials that are absorbed by the body and need repeat every 6-8 months:


It is usually of bovine origin. This ratio , although the production is fully controlled in closed farms and perfectly healthy animals , has made both patients and their doctors cautious in using the following noise internationally caused by the disease of “mad cow” .

Hyaluronic acid

Is the material primarily used today for the correction of wrinkles . Available with various trade names and in various densities depending on the wrinkles we want to improve . In superficial wrinkles hyaluronic acid used thinner , denser and deeper .


Small doses of injectable hyaluronic acid in multiple and adjacent to the face and neck was the term mesotherapy . Absolutely or injection of a small amount hyaluronic acid under the skin at multiple points causes a swelling and a firmness image and robustness in the face. The views on the skin collagen support etc. are controlled and left to prove . And ” mesotherapy ” should be repeated every 6-8 months .