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This procedure combines abdominoplasty with a gluteal lift so as to restore skin laxity and the shape of the middle part of the body. Each surgery on its own cannot fully restore the lateral iliac region. The procedure is often complemented with liposuction of the iliac region and thighs. Therefore, this surgery restores skin and abdominal wall laxity, the mons pubis, lateral thigh laxity, as well as gluteal ptosis and volume.

Body lift, as it is known internationally, is performed under general anesthesia, lasts around 3-4 hours and requires that the patient remain hospitalized for one day. The preoperative check-up takes place on the morning of the same day as the surgery. If the possibility of a blood transfusion is established during the first visit, arrangements are made for the supply of two units of blood.

The dressing is changed on the first postoperative day, an elastic compression garment is worn and the patient is mobilized. The drains from the abdominoplasty remain in place. The patient is discharged and advised to remain mobile and avoid squatting, while antibiotics, mild painkillers and anticoagulants are prescribed. The next follow-up is in three days, at which time the drains are removed. Two days after that, the patient may shower daily and change their own dressings. The dressings are completely removed after a fortnight, but patients continue wearing a compression garment. Patients will have fully recovered and may return to their normal activities in a month.

Complications are rare and mainly related to the creation of seroma, i.e. fluid collection under the abdominal flap, and wound rupture. These are easily treated by the doctor on an outpatient basis. It is very rarely that a complication will require surgical repair at the hospital. The results are spectacular, but a scar will remain in the lower part of the abdomen, extending around to the gluteal fold. However, it may be fully covered with underwear.