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Almost all operations have a mild post-operational course and the patients get out of the hospital at the same day.

Depending on the surgeon’s experience and how quick he operates, some of the operations can be combined in the same amount of time, without any danger for the patient. Thus, when we refer to a face plastic surgery, we usually mean two or three operations together. They are the face lift, blefaroplasty or even the liposuction of the lower jaw.

Rhinoplasty can be combined with the otoplasty, the cheek augmentation or/and the lower jaw reduction. Occasionally, there are malformations in the above cosmetical entities that should be addressed together. For the same reason, rhinoplasty can be combined with eyelid surgery, something that is commonly required.

The breast augmentation/reduction is usually combined with upper limbs lift or abdominoplasty. Those are cosmetical entities that are adjacent and undergo together the ramifications of the weight loss or the relaxation caused by aging.

The thigh uplifting can be combined with abdominoplasty, but the buttock uplifting is difficult to combine with other operation, because that would require a change of the patient’s position.

The liposuction is an easy and quick operation that can be combined with many other operations.

The plastic surgery has been developed enough and the surgeons present increasing experience, thus it is preferable for the patient to combine the cosmetical operations, because he gains time and money indeed.